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Since 1999, realcommerce has developed leading, successful, challenging, complex and sophisticated websites and mobile apps. Our clients include Ynet, Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv University, Shufersal, Clal Insurance, Tami 4 and many others. We offer our customers a competitive advantage with unique added value:

  • A digital strategy group that creates a winning business concept for organizations looking their way in the digital world.
  • Experts in customer experience and user interface who turn conceptual insights into intuitive business processes and clear user interfaces.
  • Software engineering at its highest level, excellent quality development, and uncompromising mobile and internet technology: Client side, server side, infrastructure and everything in between.
  • Rigorous testing team conscious of the implications of the words: developed by realcommerce.

Realcommerce is the most respected company in its field in Israel. Our leading position comes from adhering to the values of quality and professionalism, having a deep, always updated understanding of the latest trends of the digital world and the business direction of the markets, and displaying uncompromising excellence in technology.
Realcommerce was founded in 1999, and employs 150 web and mobile professionals.

The digital and strategy consultants at realcommerce bring a unique combination of a deep understanding of the business direction of internet and cellular worlds, a current perception of digital media, and in-depth technical knowledge.

This combination offers our customers websites and apps that offer the best solutions for their business goals, and provides the end-user with a high quality and intuitive browsing experience in the current multi screens and platforms reality (web, mobile, and social networks).

The strategic consulting process at realcommerce includes the following stages: market research; analysis of business operations; consolidation of concept and digital strategy; functional specification and information architecture design; and user experience design. The consulting process continues beyond planning stages: our team of senior consultants continues to track the project through to its development stages. This is a unique and significant advantage that we offer our clients.

Realcommerce’s technological leadership comes from quality and professionalism; a structured work process; proven methodology; and a digital DNA that lives and breathes web and mobile.
Realcommerce has a unique expertise in the development of complex websites and apps that face outstanding challenges, such as particularly large number of users, the requirement to display large quantities of information, or the need for a secure interface with internal organizational systems. These websites demand development at the highest level..

Current web traffic patterns, which indicate a significant increase in browsing from mobile platforms and the use of multiple platforms, have provided new challenges to which realcommerce has responded. We do not focus on developing a single app; but rather on building an entire mobile infrastructure, which can be used to generate significant growth within the organization. Our development team specializes in developing ingenious mobile applications (apps) for a range of mobile devices, and in adapting current websites to mobile and tablet platforms.

Realcommerce’s development department works with all the leading technologies and development environments, including Java, PHP, .NET, Magento, SharePoint 2013, and more.

The realcommerce UX and UI design teams specialize in developing a clear and intuitive user interface and in creating an excellent quality user experience that affects consumer behavior and reinforces the target customers’ trust and satisfaction in the brand.

The quality products that we provide in this area are based upon our extensive experience and our familiarity with consumer digital behavior in leading websites, particularly those with high traffic.

In our current reality, user experience has expanded beyond the constraints of the PC; over 30% of websites’ traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. A standard website that is not optimized to view on a mobile device detracts from the user experience, and may lead to a lack of loyalty, which may harm the chances of a repeat visit. Therefore, using UX and UI design, we emphasize adaptation of the website to a variety of accessible devices, to ensure an unforgettable user experience that can be experienced from any device.

Realcommerce, founded in 1999, is comprised of about 150 mobile and web professionals, who have developed the most successful online businesses in Israel.

Realcommerce has extensive technological experience in the development of winning websites and mobile websites for leading companies, with vertical specialization in the media, banking, cellular, newspaper, and tourism industries, amongst others.

Throughout the years realcommerce has focused on creating high quality websites and apps that constitute an effective marketing channel for the client’s target audience, and is always up to date with the latest technological and behavioral trends. In our portfolio, you will find groundbreaking projects like Ynet, considered upon its launch to be the most innovative news site on a global scale; the Shilav website, which is a retail site at a standard never seen before in Israel, and more... There is no need to elaborate further, since our projects speak for themselves :). A small sample of selected clients in the field of web and cellular development includes Ynet, Bank Leumi, Cellcom, Clal Insurance, Tami 4, Yashir Insurance, Amdocs, and Excellence Investments. For more information, please visit our customer area.