Superior Technological Performance
The Calcalist website incorporates a range of technologies that provide solutions in the field of load balancing (CDN – Content Delivery Network) and content accessibility (caching) in order to provide optimal response speed. In addition, the development of the website also included making integrations for full and correct transfer of information and handling any possible errors.
Advanced Stocks Area
The Calcalist website includes an advanced stocks area, which displays extensive information about Israeli stocks, and stocks included in the Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 indices. The information is constantly updated, and includes complete information about each stock, financial data on each traded company, dynamic graphs, and more.
Lateral Application of Web 2.0
In accordance with the perception of Web 2.0, the Calcalist website offers an outlet for users to express their opinions. The finance portal allows readers to recommend stocks, express their personal opinion, provide stock predictions, and watch the different reactions of the others in the conversation.