Innovative Strategy
The site was based on a long-term strategy with the goal to build relationships based on honesty and complete transparency between Clal and their customers and insurance agents. Behavioral analyses show that most insurance products are pushed products, so the new website does not try to promote direct sales or to show texts brimming with professional and incomprehensible jargon, which undermine customer confidence.
Intuitive Browsing Experience
The marketing website displays the information in a friendly and concise manner, focusing on the context of the customer, providing clear and reliable information on each topic. The information architecture, divided into three content sections, (insurance, pension funds, finance and credit) enable intuitive and easy orientation throughout the site.
Comprehensive and User-friendly Personalized Area
The biggest and most significant business challenge is in the personalized area. The main goal of the website is to bring the clients to this area, where they will find comprehensive yet easy to understand information regarding their insurance plans and investments with Clal Insurance and Finance. In the personalized area, the customer can make use of services such as filing a claim, asking questions and other various inquiries.
And we have Feedback…
An example of a successful insurance website is that of Clal Insurance, which can serve as a model for focusing on a quality customer experience. Content organization on the website is based on the client’s needs. The website is split into three main content areas: insurance; pensions, funds and savings; finance and credit. The website provides rich and varied information for each area, together with valuable tools for the client’s use, such as a pension simulator, calculators and garage locators. In addition, the site includes a prominent interface with social networks.” For the full article, click here.