Identifying Potential
Lively discussions are often had between investors on finance websites, professional blogs and social networks about stocks, commodities, bonds, etc. The Buzz Index app developed by Excellence and realcommerce, monitors these discussions and produces information about trends among investments in Israeli shares from them. This information is extremely valuable in the process of the investor’s decision-making.
Mobile Access to Information
Many traders invest many hours of the day keeping up with news and trends, and a delay of a couple of minutes in processing the information can be significant. It is therefore very important to send updated information on the capital markets to cellphones and mobile devices. The Buzz Index app meets this requirement, and is available for download for iPhones and a range of Android devices.
How Does it Work?
The app scans discussions on relevant news websites and networks regarding Israeli stocks, and ranks them according to the number of discussions. The index uses a sophisticated algorithm to assign scores based on the quality and quantity of information. For example, articles receive a higher score than talkbacks.
Convenient and User-Friendly User Interface
The information presented to users through the user interface is convenient and user-friendly. It includes graphs that show the level of discussion for each share and its performance in the capital markets. In addition, the app allows to select certain stocks and to include them in the personal portfolio. Daily alerts can be created for the three most talked about stocks for that day.
From the initial idea through the concept to the user interface, realcommerce’s UI services are of the highest possible professional level there is.
Amit Sagi, VP marketing, Excellence