Quality Solution for the Needs of the Company
The system that was developed for Kenes International provides a high quality solution for the company, who organizes professional conferences around the world. Using this system, Kenes can create a website for each conference they organize.
Quick Development
Building a conference website, using the platform we developed is fast and simple. Within a matter of 1-2 days, a comprehensive website can be launched, with all content and services required for the digital marketing of a conference. The system also allows the websites to be updated and maintained quickly and easily – a particularly important feature when each conference includes the three stages represented on the website: announcement of the conference, registration, and display of information before and after the event.
What does the Website Include?
A typical website for a conference organized by Kenes includes comprehensive information about the event, the option to register for the conference, the option to find a place to stay in the area of the event, the ability to raise a suggestion for a lecture, and more. Following the event, the website provides access to professional materials from the conference.
Excellent Accessibility
All the websites developed by the system are also responsive, i.e. they are based on an RWD (responsive web design) approach that includes optimization of the website for a range of access devices for optimal viewing. All websites are optimized for five different resolutions – desktop, tablet (landscape and portrait) and smartphone (landscape and portrait).
The system realcommerce developed for us was one of the most successful projects of Kenes at the past year. The system enables us to streamline the process and make significant savings in our costs, while dramatically improving outcomes and creating a significant ROI from the first year. Realcommerce’s service truly went above and beyond.
Uzi Drori, Information Systems Manager, Kenes International