Available Business Information
The app enables business owners to have immediate access from their iPhone and Android devices to view details of their business; details about their business transactions; information about credits and deposits shown by criterion, such as type of card, currency; etc. In addition, the app allows the business to approve a transaction, register for Leumi Card’s digital services, and more.
Cross – Platform Development
LeumiCard Biz is a cross-platform mobile app that is supported by devices using the Apple iOS operating system and a range of android-based devices. The app was developed using PhoneGap technology – the market leader in mobile app development – while using client-side HTML5 technology
High Level Performance
To Match the credit card company’s high standards, the app was designed for performance at a high level, and has the ability to withstand heavy loads and an environment of multiple transactions. The app was developed in compliance with the strictest data security requirements.