Banking in the Digital Age
In contrast to the traditional banking industry, digital banking is not a conservative field. In order to remain a leading player in the market, the bank must offer its target customers a modern and dynamic website, with a top quality user experience and an expanded personal area that responds rapidly to trends in the digital world and to the changing needs of its users.
Leumi Digital
Realcommerce has led a series of tactical and strategic modifications and transformations to Bank Leumi’s websites, which have tipped and continue to tip the scales in favor of Bank Leumi. Realcommerce’s expertise and experience in the development of banking services in the digital world enable the bank to achieve its goals impressively.
Advanced Internet Infrastructure
The project conducted for Bank Leumi, including the development of optimally efficient, operational and managerially flexible advanced internet infrastructure for the bank’s collection of marketing websites: for example, the use of the advanced content management system, Vignette 7 opens the bank’s business portal.