Augmented reality – what is it?
Augmented reality is an innovative field that allows the addition of layers of information such as different graphic elements, over a display of the real-world video or images. Recently, augmented reality apps have been gathering momentum in the mobile world.
Innovative App
Bank Leumi was the first financial institution in Israel to launch an augmented reality app. Furthermore, at launch, there were only a few dozen augmented reality apps available worldwide.
Information in Augmented reality
The app locates the user’s position, and provides information about nearby branches and ATMs. This information is displayed on a live picture. The live picture is obtained from the user, using his cellphone camera and the GPS component within it. The information displayed includes distance of the target from the user, opening hours, directions, and more.
Complex development
Development of the ICleumi app included complex technical challenges. We had to ensure the quality of the augmented reality application while maintaining a simple and convenient user interface.