Multiple Sites
The project included the development of a cluster of websites, including RAD’s international website and several secondary websites, each one of which is geared towards a target population in a different country than that in which the company operates. The websites we developed include RAD USA, RAD China, RAD Israel, and more. The website supports multiple languages including Chinese, Thai and more.
Uniform Design
A similar design and template were applied to each website, to ensure a clean, uniform design. However, each website within the cluster provides a unique response for its target audience in its particular country, for example by adjusting the language and type of activity in the area.
Powerful Content Management Platform
The cluster of RAD’s websites was developed based using a Vignette API, a Java platform that is considered amongst the most powerful content management platforms in the world. The platform uses decentralized content management that supports the complex structure of the project.
Complex Development
In addition to website development, the project also included the development of extranet sites. The group’s websites also offer advanced features such as lead management, content syndication, and more.