Designing a Winning Concept
The consulting and strategy team at realcommerce carried out comprehensive analysis of the business activities and the behavior patterns of Shilav’s target audience, in order to define their requirements, and to formulate the concept and style that provides a solution for the site’s business goals. The purpose of Shilav’s website is to serve as a revenue channel and as a marketing channel that implements the company’s strategy: to build a deep and lasting relationship with its customers and to expand its existing customer base.
Meeting the Needs of the Target Customer Base
The website was built to appeal to young mothers, new parents, and anyone looking for gifts for this demographic. In order to provide a quality user experience and to provide solutions for all the needs of the target customer bases under one umbrella, we built user scenarios that characterize each of the target customers. Accordingly, the website includes a full product catalog with plenty of attractive products exclusive to our online store, a virtual gift store, a personalized area, and a birth list that allows products to be delivered directly to the new mother’s home.
Advanced Platform
The Shilav website was developed using the Magento platform: the most advanced and popular platform in the world of e-commerce. Magento gives the site administrators full control and flexibility over the user experience, content and functionality.
Almost Like a Physical Store…
The online store offers tens of thousands of products for a wide range of target customers. It allows them to select an item from different categories and sections. There is also our “Gift World”: an area in which choosing a product simulates the process of buying in a physical store, by inputting parameters including age, gender and budget. This area allows a dedication or blessing to be included with the gift.