Smart Shopping Online and In-Store
Items can be purchased online using the app, but there are features that are beneficial when buying in-store too. The app enables smart management of the shopping list, by locating products with a click, scan or by photographing; smart in-store shopping assistance includes the display of hot deals in the aisles, a store locator, and more.
Personalized Experience
In the Shufersal app, a variety of features have been implemented based on consumer behavior, streamlining the buying experience for each customer personally. For example, the app provides access to a quick shopping list based on previous purchase history, displays a list of products that the customer may like to add to his list, and suggests offers and sales that may benefit the customer personally.
Innovative and leading platform
The Shufersal app was developed using WorkLight, IBM’s innovative platform that provides large companies with a comprehensive solution for mobile apps. WorkLight integrates the mobile app into the organization’s internal systems, while maintaining a high level of information security. It supports a range of operating systems, provides an advanced management interface, and more.
Cross-platform Development
In order to adapt to the range of smartphone and tablet devices belonging to Shufersal’s target clientele, the project used cross-platform development, which is supported by Apple’s operating system (Apple iOS) and can be downloaded to iPhone and iPad devices, and is also supported by android-based mobile devices.