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Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is a leading app development platform for smartphones and tablets that enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using existing web technology such as CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. Realcommerce works extensively with PhoneGap when developing apps for our clients.

PhoneGap, currently known as Apache Cordova, is the leading tool (framework) in the field of smartphone and tablet app development. PhoneGap’s power is based on the following benefits:

  • PhoneGap is suitable for writing native apps and developing HTML5 apps, and is therefore very widely used in development of hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are apps that combine code written in HTML5 with code written in the native language of the smartphone or tablet operating system. The hybrid approach has gathered a lot of momentum around the world today in corporate app development. Reasons for this include the high level of reusable code that it enables due to its HTML5 use, and its ability to maintain functionality and not to compromise on the user experience. Integrating native code enables access to all hardware capabilities of the device (such as camera, GPS, contacts etc.) and the smartphone operating system interfaces, and enables the refining of the user experience to the highest level.
  • Use of PhoneGap done using commonly accepted web languages: HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This advantage preserves the company’s existing development capabilities and saves significantly on resources, since the set of capabilities required to develop an app using PhoneGap is that of standard web technologies. It is generally easier to find great web technology interface programmers than experienced programmers in each of the common mobile platforms (Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8).
  • When using PhoneGap, the app is written once and runs on all the common operating systems in the market. Apps written using PhoneGap will run on Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone 8 with no need to be rewritten over and over. Moreover, using PhoneGap allows the app to be uploaded to app stores and marketplaces on each of the leading platforms, making use of Microsoft, Apple and Google’s distribution platforms for their smartphones and tablets.
  • PhoneGap is an open-source tool and as such it can be used to save costs associated with licensing that, over time, can become a significant cost burden. Moreover, the power of the PhoneGap programmer community and the fact that it is part of the largest open-source group in the world – Apache, supported by IBM – ensures that it will always remain at the forefront of technology and that its response to frequent changes in the market will be quick and complete.

Some Background about PhoneGap:

PhoneGap was initially developed by Nitobi. Later, large companies like IBM and Microsoft contributed to its development. In 2011, Nitobi was acquired by Adobe, and in 2012, the code for PhoneGap was transferred to Apache’s open-source coalition, supported by IBM, under the name Apache Cordova with the assurance that it will always remain an open source tool.

Main Advantages of PhoneGap::

  • Uses web programming technologies CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript, which allow the quick and easy development of many apps.
  • Supports a wide range of different common mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada, WebOS, Blackberry, and Symbian. This means there is no need to build the app anew for each platform.

Realcommerce makes extensive use of PhoneGap when developing client apps. Amongst other things, realcommerce has used PhoneGap to develop a municipality payment system that is used by 12 different municipalities (with more municipalities joining all the time), including Haifa municipality.