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Digital Strategy

We work on projects that create new business situations, offer added value to the organization and their clients, and increase revenue. To do all this, we have created a precise and comprehensive strategic process that draws a complete picture. The process allows the organization to make the correct decisions, and will help the project to achieve their business goals in the best possible way.

The strategic process is built as a fast and focused sequence of meetings attended by the project’s stake holders. The meetings are run as a series of workshops that harness all the relevant people in the project and enable the making of cross-organizational decisions efficiently and in a short time.

As part of the process, we analyze every aspect of the operations, and we plan the optimal way to harness the power of the digital world in order to achieve business goals. We define user scenarios, we sketch out the main screens, and we understand how the project will look on each channel: on the web; on smartphones; and on tablets. At the same time, we look closely at conflicts that may arise because of the project, and we locate all the areas in which the organization will need to adjust its operations (supply chains, customer services, marketing, sales, etc.)

The strategic process ends with a presentation that is shown to the decision makers of the company to obtain their approval, and a detailed strategy document. The strategy document is the basis for the next stage of the project: planning the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).