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Drupal is a leading advanced open source content management system. Realcommerce recognized Drupal’s potential in 2007 and since then, we have been using this great platform in some of the largest websites we have developed.

Drupal is a modern and cutting-edge open-source content management system. It is written in PHP and is used to construct and manage websites, social networks, e-commerce sites, community sites, and more.

Realcommerce recognized Drupal’s potential in 2007, and since then we have been happy to use it as a platform for several of the largest websites that have been built in Israel. A great example for the projects realcommerce developed using Drupal is Tel Aviv University’s website. The Tel Aviv University website is comprised of an infrastructure of many (several hundred) websites, which were gradually converted to University websites. This project was implemented with smart use of Drupal’s capabilities by building architecture that allowed the installation and construction of hundreds of websites while keeping a connection between them at predefined levels. For example: Some navigation is controlled and outlined by the university, while some other parts are controlled by the website owners: faculties, schools, departments, etc., and so on down the university hierarchy. Another ability implemented into the fabric of the Tel Aviv University websites is linked to the ability to reuse and expand developments implemented into one of the websites, and to apply it to other websites in the University cluster. In this way, a software and component (plugin) library was developed, preserving the investment in development and allowing parallel growth and quick update of the websites, while remaining up to date with the interface and technology in the dynamic internet environment across multiple sites at once.

The Drupal system is free, and it is one of the leading alternatives in the world of open-source software. Drupal’s flexible system enables the building of high quality and varied websites to be built, although it also requires high technical development ability and a thorough understanding of the architecture. Drupal combines a broad foundation of components and ready-made modules as a base, which allows the addition of expansion and provides many development opportunities. The modular system offers a rich and flexible system that enables website development, the addition of various applications, and a unique tailoring to specific requirements.

The Drupal platform is extremely popular worldwide and is used in hundreds of thousands of websites in a huge range of implementations and fields. Drupal enables high performance (thanks to its sophisticated performance-improving mechanisms), a high level of security, and the option of a gradual, dynamic and creative development of the website that adapts to changes and upgrades. Drupal is a high quality platform that demands expertise, time, and investment.

Realcommerce offers professional and up-to-date developers with a broad and deep, current knowledge and understanding of the system, offering professional results that will maximize your website’s potential.