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HTML5 is a standard designed to develop mobile websites with advanced features, optimized for all smartphone devices, without requiring specific optimization for different operating systems, and without requiring maintenance of different separate versions for each operating system.

Development of Websites for Smartphones using HTML5 Technology:

Whether using native development or hybrid development, developing specialized apps for smartphones demands serious investment, because of the need for complex development for several different operating systems, and also because of the need to maintain multiple versions of active apps.

In many cases of mobile development, particularly in the area of enterprise level organizations, it is possible to save on these expenses by developing HTML5-based apps, which create a mobile website with advanced features, suitable for all smartphones, without requiring specific optimization to different operating systems, and without requiring separate maintenance of different versions developed for different operating systems.

The further HTML5 develops, the more functionality and user experience that can be experienced on websites by smartphones improve, and HTML5 can constitute a suitable alternative for a growing part of corporate smartphone apps.

Advantages to Mobile Website Development:

  • Simple and familiar interface that allows the organization full control of all that is happening in the app, content and capabilities in real time.
  • Does not require approval from app store managers
  • Can be updated at any time without external restrictions
  • Simple to locate using standard network search engines (Google and Bing) and does not require the customer to adapt new patterns of behavior
  • Access to Devices capabilities: as HTML5 develops further, more device capabilities can be accessed with HTML5. However, not all hardware within the smartphone can be accessed.
  • The apps cannot be searched for and found in the various app stores
  • User experience of a website available from a smartphone is more limited.
So, How can one decide whether to develop an app or a website for smartphones?

The decision obviously depends on the project purposes and goals. It is influenced by the target market for whom the app is intended, and their interests in using it:

An intra-organizational app, designed for employees – it is likely that a mobile website will be sufficient for this purpose, since the importance of the user experience is lower and the users have a very high interest in using the application, which they can use to complete tasks related to their daily work.

An app designed for the end customer of an organization – in this case, it is worthwhile to look further into the importance of the user experience. In most cases, a native app and a hybrid app are the preferred options for development of an app for the end client, for example a n app to provide customer service or an e-commerce app.

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