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Hybrid Apps Development

More and more organizations choose to resolve the issue of optimization for a range of mobile devices with hybrid development. Hybrid development enables control over the user interface at all times with quick and easy optimization to different operating systems, providing the perfect solution to challenges faced by companies for a long time.

Almost every situation in which an organization decides to develop a mobile app, a discussion ensues about optimization for different devices and operating systems. Use of the correct development methodology and choice of a suitable technology allow the optimization of each app to every operating system in a short time and at a low cost, without the need to redevelop large parts of the app.

The Hybrid Approach

More and more organizations choose to solve the problem of optimization to a range of mobile devices using hybrid development. Hybrid development differentiates between the device contact layer and the user interface layer, and offers several advantages:

  • Control of business logic and UI, and updates without the need to publish updates via the various app store mechanisms.
  • Development of a significant part of a uniform user interface that can be reused for all devices and the quick and easy optimization for different operating systems.
  • Development of entire apps in simple and common programming languages like HTML and JavaScript. No need to know and master native languages. This ability saves the organization a lot in development expenses, as native programmers salaries are typically higher than web developers', as well as being harder to recruit.

Easy Optimization to Different Operating Systems:

In iPhone apps, the navigation bar is located on the bottom menu and the back button is located at the top left. However, Android devices place the navigation menu at the top, and the back button on the device itself, not as part of the app. Therefore, when an iPhone-developed app is optimized for Android, many Android users won’t intuitively know how to use it. In the worst case, the app will cause dissatisfaction amongst the users, and they will form negative opinions about the organization that developed the app.

Use of a hybrid approach allows the uniform development of the majority of the interface and logic (the main body of the app), useful for both operating systems. Optimization to the different operating systems is done separately, and only in specific areas of the app (in this case, the navigation menu and the back button) with simple manipulation of the HTML and CSS files.

Developing the Correct Technology Infrastructure

Hybrid development combines the ability to develop an app without using the native language with the option to control the interface at all times, and to optimize it to different operating systems quickly and easily. Therefore, hybrid development is the perfect solution to this challenge that has been faced by organizations for a long time.

Do you want to know more about Hybrid Development?

At realcommerce we have the knowledge and experience to correctly design and develop mobile apps optimized to different devices and different operating systems. Our abilities will help you save time and costs, and will be a major key to developing apps that will yield added value to your organization.

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