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Incapsula is a leading information security system provider for websites of all sizes. The company provides advanced cloud-based services for protection and acceleration of websites and applications, and is represented in Israel by realcommerce.

Incapsula, a subsidiary of Impreva, is the leading provider of information security solutions. The company provides advanced cloud-based services for the protection and acceleration of websites and applications, for any size of website, at a standard that until now has only been available to the largest websites.

Incapsula handles the most up-to-date security threats. From troubling spam attacks through backdoors to sophisticated SQL injection and cross site scripting, Incapsula provides immediate solutions for any security failure, which it locates by monitoring and filtering every request directed to the website. In addition, Incapsula detects and blocks attacks targeted at known weaknesses of popular platforms. For example, if there is a specific weakness in a particular version of a program, Incapsula is familiar with the vulnerable point, and will know to protect it.

A simple change in the DNS settings creates a new communication line for incoming traffic. The traffic passes through the Incapsula system servers, is monitored and all security threats are located, including the newest and most sophisticated threats, in real time. At the same time, the Incapsula system accelerates the outgoing traffic from the website, and allows faster loading times for end users.

Benefits of the System:

  • CDN & Optimizer: Incapsula has a global CDN. The service accelerates the website’s operation by caching the content and optimizing the link to the website. The service also reduces the bandwidth required for website access and reduces the load on the servers.
  • DDoS Protection: Incapsula provides protection against all types of DDoS attacks, at all levels of sophistication, and of any size. The service identifies and automatically blocks attacks, and includes 24/7 support and enterprise-grade Uptime SLA.
  • Load Balancing & Failover: Incapsula performs Layer 7 multi-server load balancing by using several advanced algorithms.
  • PCI-Certified Web Application: Incapsula’s firewall provides protection for all existing websites against all known and emerging threats. The security includes protection against popular Web 2.0 threats, as well as more complex and sophisticated attacks.

Incapsula is represented in Israel by realcommerce, who specializes in e-commerce, building and developing websites, and advanced website content management solutions. Realcommerce’s wide experience with large websites that deal with high loads and complex challenges, and our in-depth familiarity with security threats that apply to these websites, has brought us to a constant search for advanced solutions. Realcommerce’s business collaboration with Incapsula has enabled us to adapt, implement and integrate its innovative information security solution into different sized organizations in the best and most optimal manner possible.