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Magento is a leading e-commerce platform that started as an Israeli start-up company, which was later bought by eBay. Realcommerce has a unique specialization with Magento as we have used Magento to develop some of the largest and most complex e-stores in the country.

Anyone familiar with electronic commerce will be very familiar with Magento. Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the internet and has several configurations and levels, which allow it to adapt to online businesses of different and varied sizes and complexities.

Magento, whose platform has been implemented in more than 130,000 e-commerce websites, began in an Israeli Start-up company where the platform was developed using the open-source concept. Later, Magento was acquired by the e-commerce giant, eBay, who kept it as an open source solution and made it their reading platform for large businesses for whom eBay’s infrastructure and existing capabilities were not sufficient.

The construction of online stores and businesses demand a high level of modification, independent development, integration into internal core (Legacy) systems, and complete control of the user experience and the sales and commerce processes. Magento has a wonderful solution for each of these requirements: Magento is a tool with the richest out-of-the-box functionality that can be found in the field. Alongside this great functionality, an extensive industry of plugins and other solutions was developed around Magento that characterize it as the leading open-source tool with a large and active community of developers. Some of Magento’s noteworthy strengths include the way they help and support when dealing with the business aspect of the application, by managing and streamlining sales processes, and the ease and user-friendliness of their management interfaces, operations management and the back office.

Realommerce has an extensive experience in Magento, and we have used it to develop some of the largest and most complex online stores in Israel, including Shilav.