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Microsoft .NET is a leading development platform used for many corporate websites in Israel and around the world. Realcommerce is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and as part of our web development specialization, we have extensively used .NET development, for web application development and in the development of corporate websites – both, combined with SharePoint 2013, and as pure .NET development.

.NET is a leading development platform from Microsoft, used in many corporate websites in Israel and around the world. .NET allows object oriented programming and provides the programmer with a set of tools and built-in services such as memory management and remoting, which reduces the development time. Running code in a .NET environment is secure and helps prevent all sorts of performance problems.

.NET provides programmers with a rich class library that provides an infrastructure for building apps. The library provides access to system functionality, and includes a collection of reusable components.

The .NET platform supports a variety of programming languages. These languages are compiled into a common language runtime, which compiles the code when running (using Just in Time) into a natural machine code – the code of the machine on which it is running. The environment also has a Common Type System that enables conversion and integration between components written in different programing languages. .NET was launched in 2002 (in 2012, a new version – .NET 4.5 – was launched), with the basic idea of transforming individual and isolated websites, to connected websites based on a technology that links between information, systems, devices and users.

Advantages of .NET

  • .NET enables quick and easy development of apps, and shortens the time to market.
  • .NET supports a range of programming languages, including C, C#, .NET, Visual Basic++, and more.
  • .NET provides solutions for developing apps and services on mobile devices (Windows Phone).
  • .NET provides a consistent and high quality client-side development experience on Microsoft’s platforms. When there is a need to develop beyond these platforms, the preferred solution is to use HTML5.
  • .NET provides a common server-side platform that enables services to run on on-premise installations or via the cloud.
  • .NET provides cross-platform solutions and supports an interoperability approach with programs not developed in .NET.
  • .NET supports the implementation of complex business logic and allows information to be shared and integrated within the organization’s operational systems.
  • .NET supports SOAP, a standard W3C protocol.
  • .NET supports the creation of XML-based apps and web services.