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SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 is an advanced, high-quality internal organizational platform that allows the storage, sharing and synchronization of information between the employees of an organization. Realcommerce is a market leader in SharePoint development ,both for corporate websites and for web applications.

Large websites and Enterprise websites require an advanced and flexible content management system that provides – along with tools and management – the development tools to expand the system in accordance with the corporate requirements of the website, a broad API, distribution systems for different environments, a strong search engine, and much more. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provides a high quality solution for all of these requirements, and does so at a cost that makes it a very competitive alternative to open source tools such as Drupal.

SharePoint is known as an advanced internal systems platform, designed to allow the storage, sharing and synchronization of information between employees within an organization. The 2013 version of Microsoft SharePoint made a significant breakthrough including the ability to create and manage large and complex corporate websites and its ability to act as a basis for the development of portals and apps that help with the effective management of cross-organizational projects, while communicating smartly between all the parties. SharePoint’s basic features include scheduling and revision control, the option of multiple websites and languages, built-in cache mechanisms, the wonderful search engine FAST embedded within, and more.

The 2013 version of SharePoint offers the user new and significant features, like social features to upload content using Office applications, sharing information using mobile and tablet devices, building apps using a cloud apps development model , and the capability to allow expanded search using Query Rules.

Realcommerce leads web development using the SharePoint 2013 platform to develop corporate websites and web applications. As well as being a Microsoft Gold Partner in these areas, realcommerce is also a professional body to whom Microsoft refers their clients with questions about SharePoint 2013 implementation online.

Large organizations need internal organizational systems that will enable parallel external communication with clients through the web (e.g. via a secure customer area; and the need to do so in a variety of channels (desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones). For these organizations, the combination of SharePoint 2013’s capabilities as an organizational portal and its capabilities as a web infrastructure tool is a desirable and winning combination.