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Native Apps Development

Native apps provide the best and richest user experience, as well as providing the best access to all the hardware capabilities available within the device. However, they involve several challenges in their development and maintenance. At realcommerce, we only recommend development using native languages in the cases where a particularly remarkable user experience is required.

When smartphone users search for apps, they first check if they appear in their operating system’s app store, and only then do they look in other places. Between this habit and the reason for the user experience, it is much easier to find good content in the app store than in a free search on the internet. Therefore, when developing apps for mobile devices, the first option that comes up is of course to develop a native app.

Native apps for iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone:

  • Provides the best and richest possible user experience.
  • Enable full access to all the hardware within the device.

Developing native apps also has some disadvantages:

  • Apps must be developed separately for each operating system, and each version for each operating system must be separately maintained and updated.
  • Good native, Objective C and Java for Android developers are not common, which influences the total cost of the app, in comparison to an app developed in standard languages such as HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Native apps must be approved by (or submitted for review to) the owners of the app stores, often Apple or Google. With Android, this process is not very complicated, but with iPhone, it can take a long time and often results in approval not being granted.
  • App approval is also required for each updated version of the app, which can make the process much more complex, both in terms of initial development and on an ongoing basis.

Although native apps have the potential to provide the best user experience, their development and maintenance involve several challenges. At realcommerce, we only recommend the use of native development in specific cases that require an especially remarkable user experience. In other cases, we recommend looking further into hybrid development options.

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