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Responsive Web Design

An average of 30% of site visitors arrive from mobile devices, so corporate websites must be optimized for the current reality of multiple screens. When planning website screens, we rely on responsive web design: a design that responds to the user’s access device and provides a high quality user experience on a wide range of mobile devices.

When designing the user interface and user experience, and when designing the website, we take into account that the end-customers no longer come only from a desktop PC, rather from a range of devices and screens of different sizes. Therefore, the websites we design are built to fit automatically to any size of screen.

Responsive web design is not a simple challenge. In order to cope with this challenge, we use a special methodology to develop a user interface, and the technological framework suited to work with all devices, and browsers with all sizes of screens.

Since in everything technology related, we believe in using standard and familiar technology, we decided to use Bootstrap, developed by Twitter, which enables the quick and easy optimization for all existing sizes of screen.