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Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a popular and high quality open source platform that supports Java, and is particularly designed for corporate applications. The development team at realcommerce is using the Spring platform to develop large Java-based websites and enterprise sites due to its efficiency and its suitability to projects of this type.

Spring Framework is an open source platform that supports app development in Java and is an inversion of control container. Spring includes extensions for building web applications on top of the Java EE (Enterprise Edition) platform and is considered a popular and high quality platform for enterprise applications.

Spring’s comprehensive and effective infrastructure support helps the developers to focus on the application at the business logic level, preventing the need for problem solving in the foundation stages of the development. Spring is designed in a modular way, with different modules catalogued under the following categories: core container; data access / integration (including JDBC); web; AOP (aspects oriented programing); instrumentation; and testing.

Some Services offered by the Spring Framework:

  • Inversion of Control (IoC) component – enables configuration of IoC component. Java provides the means to invert application components separate from the coherent application that efficiently organizes the development fundamentals.
  • MVC framework – This environment makes use of the popular MVC (model view controller) template. Spring MVC is very flexible and can be used to create RESTful websites and apps.
  • Advanced support of aspect oriented programming (AOP) – AOP is one of the major components of Spring, which effectively complements OOP (object oriented programming). Spring AOP provides declarative transaction management, which is an alternative, in particular, to EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) services.
  • Transaction management – Spring includes a consistent programming model on different APIs, such as JTA, JDBC, Hibernate, and more. Furthermore, Spring provides a simpler API to manage transactions than its more complex counterparts (like JTA).
  • Support for common open-source platforms such as Hibernate and Quart.
  • Works on cloud platforms – Spring works on large cloud platforms that support Java, such as the Google App Engine, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, and more.
  • Testing – Spring offers reach services, that enable unit testing and integration testing.

Spring Framework at realcommerce

Realcommerce specializes in development of large websites and Enterprise websites in a range of technologies. For Java-based websites, the development team uses the efficient and high-quality Spring platform which is particularly suitable for enterprise applications. Amongst other technologies, we have used Spring as part of an international project in which we have participated and developed for Amdocs.