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UX/UI Planning

Planning the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is an art: a unique combination of a deep business understanding, technology geekitude, an eye for design, and DNA that lives and breathes digital. During this stage, we precisely define the website screens and the behavior of the different components in order to provide the target audience with a simple, innovative and winning user interface.

After completing the concept creation phase, it's time to plan the website’s final interface. At this point, we specify exactly what screens will be included on the website, and we plan the contents of each screen. Here, we decide how different processes will be accomplished on the website, we will map which features will appear on each screen and we will sketch all the screens in their final form.

In this stage, we still don't design the website; rather we draw functional sketches of all the screens, including the contents of each screen, and the relative weights given to each component within the screens. At this stage, we can also confirm the information architecture of the website (site map or tree) and precisely define the behavior of each screen.

The product of the user interface design stage includes Wireframes: detailed screen drawings that include all modes and UI design documents that specify the behavior of each component on the screen. The screen drawings will be sent to a graphic design studio, where the final visuals of the website will be produced.