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User1st is an innovative automated accessibility system. The systemt provides solutions for web content accessibility (WCAG2.0) for a variety of people with disabilities. Realcommerce implements User1st’s solution as part of the web and mobile development services that we provide for our clients.

The Accessibility Act, recently passed in Israel, requires every organization to adapt its websites to accessibility-defined standards (WCAG 2.0) by making significant changes at the interface and UI level on all websites.

User1st is the first automated access system of its sort in the world. It is a cloud-based solution that provides solutions for a broad spectrum of disabilities by converting the website to be accessible for disabled users. User1st complies with the WCAG2 standard with smart and easy to use software that enables every website to quickly and easily be made compliant, with no need to involve a developer to alter the website’s code.

The system provides a perfect solution both at the level of human engineering (design elements, increasing font size, color altering, and more) and at the level of code fixing, and enables each website to work with an additional SaaS program that supports visual disabilities, hearing disabilities, motor disabilities and cognitive impairments.

Advantages of the System

Internet cloud service:
User1st is available for web use through the Microsoft Azure cloud

Powerful BI & Analytics:
User1st provides added value services, with unique tools for business intelligence and analysis through integration with Google Analytics.

Compliance validation:
User1st uses the most advanced validation tool, and provides fixed accessibility monitoring reports in accordance with predefined settings.

Realcommerce specializes in the development of websites and in the development and implementation of web and mobile application solutions. User1st is within the framework of web and mobile strategy that realcommerce uses to provide value to its customers. Accessibility is a part of the website building, and enables adaptation to the world of multiple screens and all the organization’s communication channels with its clients.

Realcommerce provides its customers with guidance in accordance with their particular needs, their product, and their target customers. We define the appropriate accessibility profile for the customer from a range of modules that exist at User1st. Following installation, an “accessibility” button is added to the homepage, enabling users with disabilities to benefit from simple, convenient and practical use of the website.