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WorkLight, an innovative enterprise grade mobile development platform brought by IBM. The platform provides a solution to challenges in mobile development, such as optimization to a range of operating systems, integration into internal systems, information security, and more. Realcommerce resells and implements WorkLight in Israel, and is the senior professional authority with the best proven experience using the platform in Israel.

Mobile apps are an integral part of corporate strategy and an important business channel that allow the organization to create real value for their customers, partners, and employees. Expansion and an increase in complexity of various applications presents the organization with many challenges in the field of development and technology including: optimization for a range of operating systems; integration into internal corporate systems; information security; and more.

WorkLight – the innovative IBM platform – provides a full and all inclusive solution for these challenges using standard technologies, in well-known development languages, and with architecture appropriate to the requirements of an advanced development corporate system. Realcommerce has been reselling and implementing the WorkLight platform since 2010, and is a senior professional authority with proven experience using the platform in Israel.

Realcommerce’s practical knowledge of WorkLight includes planning architecture that will enable an optimal combination of the tool into the fabric of the corporate IT, providing knowledge to developers and IT infrastructure specialists, as well as practical development of WorkLight applications. This combination ensures that WorkLight adds maximum value to the organization.

Realcommerce, an IBM certified partner, is one of Israel’s leading companies in web and mobile development of corporate strategic applications, including complex integrations into the corporate core and full planning of business processes and optimal interaction with clients.

Solution for the Needs of the IT System and development in large organizations

The WorkLight platform was developed to provide a solution to the special needs of a development array and the IT system of large organizations:

  • Strong integration with corporate information systems (Legacy): Corporate application development with massive access to these systems, with no need to develop specific interfaces or duplicate and complex developments.
  • Maintaining the highest level of information security: the platform enables externalization of corporate information and the production of bidirectional interactions, while ensuring that only authorized parties use the app, and that the organization will be protected from the harmful use of users inside and outside the organization.
  • Offline access to information: Development of a useful and efficient corporate app that is also available offline, and the option for the corporate user to continue use, and receive the most up-to-date information in any given situation.
  • Business Statistics and Intelligence: Provides an advanced means of assessment that enables statistical information to be gathered about use of the app, usage patterns, types of users, and more.
  • Advanced management console: Allows control, monitoring and management of the whole range of internal and external corporate apps.
  • Version distribution and management: Provides the option to centrally manage different versions of the app, to block certain versions of the app and to update software components remotely.
  • Uniform interface for messages and push updates from all operating systems

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